Frequently Asked Questions

The following information and useful advice is provided supplementary to the Owners Corporation Rules – Units Plan 2839 (the Rules).

What should I do in an Emergency?

If you hear a fire alarm, evacuate immediately via the Fire Stairs and gather at the mustering point in NORGROVE PARK on Printers Way.

DO NOT use the lift and DO NOT re-enter buildings until the all-clear has been given by the Fire Brigade.

The fire alarm should automatically notify the Fyshwick fire Station. Call “000” to ensure the Fyshwick Fire Station has been notified. The Fire Control Panel is located at the ramp adjacent to the Eyre St entrance.

What do I do if my contractor needs to access common property, electricity or water infrastructure to do work in my unit?

Where a contractor is required to access a common area in order to conduct internal repairs / install or service an installation that is the unit owner’s responsibility, either the contractor or owner/tenant/agent must call the Strata Manager at least 24 hours prior.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all contractors they hire have appropriate public liability insurance prior to commencing any work in the Viridian Complex. See Appendix A to the Owners Corporation Rules for detailed information on building alterations.

Who is responsible for reporting a security incident, such as a theft from my car?

If there is a security incident such as a theft or damage, the affected resident is responsible for reporting it. The EC recommends a report be made to the Strata Manager and the ACT Police. Even if minor, reporting to the police should enable data collection and analysis on crime and trends and may inform requirements for any additional policing resources. Where possible, hand-held imagery i.e. from a mobile phone should be included.

If I find a garage gate stuck open or closed, what should I do?

In spite of a robust and expensive maintenance schedule, the gates can malfunction. If noticed by passers-by, this could result in unauthorised people accessing the garages. Therefore, it is important to contact the Strata Manager promptly, including outside of normal business hours. Don’t assume that someone else has already done so.

My Airkey – what does it do and what type of battery does it take?

Swiping your airkey will activate door and lift readers, even if the battery has gone flat.
However, activating garage gates requires a fully functioning battery – the blue LED should blink brightly when the gate button on an air key is pressed. The battery type is an AE23 or equivalent. Should you lose your airkey, the Strata Manager can provide a replacement on payment of a fee.

What assistance is available for people who are moving in/moving out of the complex?

When you are preparing to move into or out of the Viridian, please call the Strata Manager at least two days in advance to arrange access to the following:

  • Orange bollards – to reserve a park on the street for the removalist truck.
  • Lift curtains – to protect your belongings and the lifts.

The Rules make it clear that owners and tenants are responsible for the cost of reporting any damage to common property that is caused by their contractors, including removalists.
Please ensure that your removalist does not use fire extinguishers to prop open doors. Removalists are to provide their own doorstop.

Who do I contact to report a maintenance issue outside of my unit?

If you become aware of a maintenance issue for example a blown light bulb in the garage, please advise the Strata Manager during business hours. Please do not approach the caretaker directly.

What if I am stuck in a lift?

If you become stuck in a lift between floors, call KONE on the 24-hour hotline displayed in the lift. Advise your address, lift number (noted in the lift) and building number, e.g. Viridian Apartments, Printers Way, lift three in building C.

I’ve heard there is a Viridian Herb Garden – can anyone use it?

A community herb garden is located in the south-west of the courtyard near the garbage hopper sheds. Please feel free to pick and / or plant some fresh herbs anytime.

Are pet owners required to do anything once their pet has been approved under the Rules?

The following links are provided to inform pet owners and other residents of applicable ACT regulations and guidelines:

How are television services delivered to the complex?

  • Free to Air TV and other technology are distributed throughout each unit via a HUB. Communal TV antennas are located on the roof of each building.
  • All residential units are wired for TransACT that allows you to use such services as TransTV (cable television), TransTALK (telephone) and TransWEB (internet services).
  • FOXTEL: A Special Levy was raised in 2007 to “backbone” the Viridian for Foxtel. This allows residents to have Foxtel connected to individual units if desired. Connection is at the owner’s expense and can be arranged by contacting Foxtel directly.
    Note: Digital TV / Foxtel amplifiers are wired into the Viridian’s emergency lighting circuit. A brief interruption to Foxtel services occurs twice yearly, due to testing of the circuit. Power is restored almost instantly after power returns to the amplifier, but it can take a little longer (up to an hour). Please call the Strata Manager if you experience a lengthy interruption.
  • TV troubleshooting
  • Viridian TV Antenna System

I am moving – or doing a big clean up. Where do I dispose of household Items?

Please consider recycling, donating to charities, or take them to the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre ( Useful info, links and contacts include:

  • Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre
  • Mattresses: Soft Landing (create jobs for individuals experiencing disadvantage), Hume $40 pick up / $25 drop off:
  • GIVIT: GIVIT matches Charities seeking donations for their clients, with members of the public who pledge donation to match via their online platform. See:
  • Salvation Army, Mildura St, Fyshwick – for clean undamaged furniture drop-off. Call 13 SALVOS (137258) to organise a home pick-up of clean undamaged furniture, or book a collection online:
  • St Vincent de Paul, 32 Buckland Street, Mitchell – for clean undamaged furniture drop-off. Call Vinnies on 6234 7310 to organise a collection; or email [email protected].
  • YMCA – Eyre Street Kingston – opposite Kingston Grind (will pick up furniture)
  • Whitegoods – fridge, dishwasher, washing machines. Phone 02 6288 6830 for free 7 day pick up
  • Computer Hardware – take advantage of free annual computer recycling weekends at Canberra’s Rubbish dumps (advertised in the local press)

Owners are responsible for the disposal of rubbish and goods that are not appropriate for the garbage hoppers. Under the Rules, owners are also responsible for such items left on common property by their tenants.

What do I do if my hot water becomes luke warm?

In residential units, hot water is generated by gas in the basement garage and cycled around all units. Inside each apartment there is a tempering valve that mixes the hot water with cold to give a temperature at or below the legislated maximum of 50°C. If your hot water is cool or your cold water becomes warm it is likely that the tempering valve inside your unit may be faulty and needs replacing. As the tempering valve is inside your unit, this would be done at the owner’s expense.

Where are my unit water and gas control valves located?

Unit control valves are normally located in the cupboard outside the laundry, inside the laundry area or hallway cupboards.

What actions do I need to take to ensure their longevity?

Viridian Apartments Kingston gas and water valvesTurning the hot and cold isolation valves on and off will ensure they are maintained, do not seize and that any potential build-up of sediment or electrolysis is minimised. This is especially important for those units that are vacant for long durations.

How is my water consumption measured and charged?

Water usage is not metered on an individual unit basis; rather, water usage is metered to the Viridian Owner’s Corporation. This arrangement does not encourage individual responsibility to monitor their consumption and over the past year water consumption has increased without any obvious explanation. Therefore – owners are urged to be responsible and, where relevant, encourage their tenants to do the same.